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Web Development and Mapping Services
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Website Design, Web Development & Online Mapping


Customer Conversion - I'll help you build a website that will:

Be found via Search Engines. And convert visitors to clients.

Show your latest services or products.

Provide a service via an online application.

Communicate geographic information via an online web mapping solution.


Skills Development + Freedom

Onsite training and technical support. You won't be left with a website you cannot update.

I won't trap you with expensive Domain and Hosting agreements. You'll own your Domain Name.


Foundations: Don't build on a swamp

Great care is taken in the selection of the best tools and techniques. Drag'n'Drop tools are not used. Your site will be carefully hand-built with the correct tool for the task in hand.


Who, What, Where

Parthian Systems: Web Development and Web Mapping. Run by Stuart McMartin. Based near Falkirk in Central Scotland.

I'll get you online with an effective website built using quality tools and techniques.

I'm a Software Engineer and Web Developer with specialism in Online Maps.


Get in touch and find out more about me by visiting About - Contact. See my previous work here.

HTML and Site Design

Your website will be as future-proof as possible. Use of standards compliant HTML5 and CSS3. 

Captivate your visitors with animation and interaction.

Single Page Applications (SPA) using Vue Front End Framework. What does that mean? App like capabilities on your website. For eCommerce, Complex Form Capture and more.


Dynamic Data

Database and API programming. For storage and queries. What does that mean? Add, Update and Get information. From your own database or from other websites e.g weather or mapping data.

Interactive data and visualisation. Display information and engage visitors. 


Your Site - Your Edits - You're in Control

To enable you to update your own website you need a Content Management System (CMS). You log in. Type new content in and Save. Result - website updated.

Wordpress for inexpensive websites using pre-developed Template Designs. Quick to setup and easy for you to add content.

MODx Web Framework. This for the more demanding system. More control and better for corporate level websites.

Django Web Development Framework. Complex Web Applications. For expert systems only. Can be used for Intranet Tools. Track Customers, Audit Sales, Archaeological Map Data... 

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce provided via the following tools: -

Foxycart - This is a hosted solution. Meaning that the Credit Card handling doesn't take place on your website. Attractive Cart and Checkout with an easy to use administration panel.

Learn more about Foxycart

PayPal - For simple eCommerce, I can add simple PayPal "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons to your site. This is an ideal introduction to eCommerce. Particularly useful for solutions with small numbers of products, simple pricing, none VAT registered businesses (or only selling to UK-EU)

SEO and Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media. The final stage is to ensure people find your site. This requires careful use of text (keywords) and HTML constructs such as Headings, Titles etc. There may also be scope to use Facebook, YouTube etc to help publicise your product or service.

Developer of Mapping Services

I'm a Web Developer with a specialism in mapping. Add Google Maps or Ordnance Survey Mapping

GIS Analysis and Development - e.g.QGIS, MapServer, PostGIS Spatial Databases, GoogleMaps - VirtualEarth API, OpenLayers, OpenSpace API, MapBox etc.

Specialism in Ordnance Survey mapping including OpenSpace API and Geocoding


Featured Product - Simple Community Mapping

Virtual Visits

Volunteer Archaeology Map is a prototype system built to demonstrate a range of web mapping features. As part of ongoing development of Fortingall Roots Map Project

mapLearn more about mapping optionsmap
News Hosting Volunteering

News, Hosting & Helpful Links

Recent activities:-

Hosting and Email Services

Inexpensive, but excellent quality, Hosting by TSOHost plus a domain - for £25 per annum (inc. VAT). Click the logo to find out more.

TSOHost Web Hosting

For Worldwide Hosting or heavyweight applications like Django, try Webfaction. Hosting with Webfaction for about £9.50 per month is like owning your own server. Host dozens of sites if you want. Click the logo to get the details.


I will assist you in setting up your eMail, Domain Name and Hosting arrangements. Ditch emails like jim123@hotmail.co.uk and use the professional looking info@companyname.co.uk instead.

I Volunteer With:

The Friends of Kinneil. I'm a volunteer historic guide and Treasurer - charity setup to protect the interests of Kinneil Estate

Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (IFLI) I volunteer with some IFLI projects. Have a look, lots to get involved with.

Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) - working within Kinneil Estate

Bug Life - Saving the small things that run the planet - I'm volunteering with them at the Bridgeness Biodiversity Project on the first Wednesday morning of each month. All welcome.

You wouldn't use a hammer to drive in a screw

Most web design/development companies use one technology to handle every website: usually Wordpress. But the reality is that there are better tools for more complex websites or applications. Here are some of the technologies that I'll consider to perfectly match your requirements and budget.

MODx Content Management Framework
  • Open Source CMS, Free to Use
  • Complete Creative Freedom
  • Better for Complex Websites than Wordpress
  • Corporate or Application Solutions
Django Web Development Framework
  • Open Source CMS, Free to Use
  • Fast for Complex Development Work
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Versatile: Excels at Anything Database Related
Wordpress Content Management System
  • Open Source CMS, Free to Use
  • Designed Templates for Inexpensive Sites
  • Easy to Update and Add Content to your Site
  • Perfect for Smaller Businesses and Charities
VueJS Frontend Framework
  • Open Source Framework, Free to Use
  • Progressive Framework (add to specific parts of sites)
  • Like Angular and React but Arguably Better
  • For Complex Single Page Applications and more...
HTML5 and CSS3
  • HTML5 - the structure of a website
  • CSS3 - make it look good
  • The Foundation of a Website
  • Sometimes you just need the basics...
Stuart McMartin Trading As Parthian Systems - Web and Mapping Developer © Parthian Systems 2008-2018. All Rights Reserved.


phonem: 0779 325 1376


Based in Bo'ness, Falkirk, Central Scotland.
Serving customers throughout the UK.

Web Design and Development.

Geographic Information Systems
Web Map Designer

MODx - Content Management System
Django Web Development Framework
Wordpress Websites
Vue Frontend Framework
MapBox Mapping

Epic Hosting by Webfaction - for power users

WebFaction Website Hosting

Inexpensive Hosting by TSOHost - from £25 per annum inc Domain.

TSOHost Web Hosting

eCommerce by Foxycart

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