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Web Development and Mapping Services

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Web Development

Web Development: the foundation of your website.

Robust, reliable, future proof.

Latest techniques and technologies applied.

Value, Flexibility and Longevity built in.

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Web Design

Design: more than aesthetic appeal.

Usability, Clear controls and Calls to Action.

Help your Customers achieve their goals.

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Content Management

Your Site - You need to have Control

You won't be left with a website you can't update.

Training and long term support options.

I'll make it easy and maybe fun.


SEO - Get Found

Your Site on the Web - SEO - Be found on Google

Careful Development, Design and Content provide the foundation for your customers to find your website.



Selling online? I can set up your website to sell effectively and profitably.

Improve your conversion rate by good design and careful attention to visitor actions.

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Mapping and GIS

Add Google Maps, Ordnance Survey to your website.

With Database Interaction.

GIS Analysis and Development Cartographic Services.

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Map Demo

Volunteer Archaeology Map is a prototype system built to demonstrate a range of web mapping features. As part of ongoing development of Fortingall Roots Map Project

Look at Mapping Services for more information.

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Caught your attention?

While not making a claim as a Pro Photographer I can take or source eye catching photographs

Web Photos for high impact on website design

Web Development and
Geographic Information Systems Services

Parthian Systems is a Web Development and Web Mapping business run by Stuart McMartin. I'm based in Bo'ness, near Falkirk in Central Scotland. I focus on getting your business online with an effective website that is built using quality tools and techniques. I'm a Software Engineer and Web Developer with specialism in Online Maps.

Skills Development

You can have onsite training and email/phone technical support to help you edit your website. You won't be left with a website you cannot update.

Customer Conversion

Persuade your potential clients to get in touch via email or ideally on the telephone. And for current clients to see your latest services or products.


Great care is taken in the selection of the tools and techniques. Drag'n'Drop tools are not used. Your site will be carefully hand-built.


Get in touch and find out more about me by visiting About - Contact. See my previous work here.

HTML and Site Design

  • Your website will be generated using HTML5 (structure of a page) & CSS3 (styling or how elements like buttons, fonts, boxes etc look). Standards compliant pages which are easier to update and maintain. Ensure your website is as future-proof as possible.
  • Your site can be made more captivating by using animation libraries. Your website can be interactive, much like a normal desktop PC application.
  • Latest approaches. I spend a great deal of time researching the latest techniques such as Responsive Web Design (RWD). So if you can view the website on a Smartphone, a Tablet, a netbook or a Desktop with a 24" screen. It always looks great.

Dynamic Data

  • In order to make your site more Dynamic, which generally means to store and retrieve information from a Database or other locations on the Web, I use PHP and Python for Server Side programming; XML & JSON for data interchange and PostGreSQL and MySQL Databases for storage and queries.
  • A Query is a question about the data in a database that returns a result; which may be some data such as your latest News or map locations of your events together with text and dates.

Your Site - Your Edits - You're in Control

  • To enable you to update your own website I can build your site using the MODx Web Framework. This is a Content Management System (CMS).
  • For more complex Database Applications I use the Django Web Development Framework. A Web Framework facilitates the creation of complex Web Applications by helping to build high-performing, elegant Web Applications.
  • I use Wordpress mainly for Brochure type websites using pre-developed Template Designs. Quick to setup and easy for you to add content.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce provided via the following tools: -

  • Foxycart - This is a hosted solution. Meaning that the Credit Card handling doesn't take place on your website. Attractive Cart and Checkout with an easy to use administration panel.

Learn more about Foxycart

  • PayPal - For simple eCommerce, I can add simple PayPal "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons to your site. This is an ideal introduction to eCommerce. Particularly useful for solutions with small numbers of products, simple pricing, none VAT registered businesses (or only selling to UK-EU)

SEO and Social Media

  • Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media. The final stage is to ensure people find your site. This requires careful use of text (keywords) and HTML constructs such as Headings, Titles etc. There may also be scope to use Facebook, YouTube etc to help publicise your product or service.

Mapping Services

  • Development of Web Pages with specialism in mapping. Add Google Maps or Ordnance Survey Mapping
  • GIS Analysis and Development - e.g.QGIS, MapServer, PostGIS Spatial Databases, GoogleMaps - VirtualEarth API, OpenLayers, OpenSpace API, MapBox etc.
  • Specialism in Ordnance Survey mapping including OpenSpace API and Geocoding

Featured Product - Town Explorer

Virtual Visits

Volunteer Archaeology Map is a prototype system built to demonstrate a range of web mapping features. As part of ongoing development of Fortingall Roots Map Project

Look at Mapping Services for more information.


Recent activities include :-


  • I use images provided by Fotolia.

Hosting and Email Services

  • Inexpensive Hosting by TSOHost - from £15 per annum

    TSOHost Web Hosting
  • For Worldwide Hosting or heavyweight applications like Django try Webfaction. Hosting with Webfaction for about £8.50 per month is like owning your own server. WebFaction

I will assist you in setting up your eMail, Domain Name and Hosting arrangements. Show a more professional aspect to your business by changing emails like to