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About Parthian Systems

Parthian Systems is a Sole Trader company owned by Stuart McMartin. I have worked for 15 years in the Defence industry mainly creating maps for Avionic systems (think Tom-Tom for a fast jet or helicopter). I've studied on a Continuing Professional Development programme at The University of Edinburgh on their MSc in Geographic Information Science course. I qualified through the MSc and Open University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry.

I'm primarily interested in developing websites and the provision of map data using the Web.


About Me

I'm very active in local community volunteering. I'm currently Vice Chair of The Friends of Kinneil, and have recently been 'volunteered' as the Treasurer of the Bo'ness Networking Group - Bonet. I'm currently engaged in the web design and development of the Bo'ness Networking Group website.

I also help out as a volunteer promotor of the Bo'ness Hippodrome Cinema, Scotland's oldest custom built cinema. Plans are ongoing for the 2017 Festival of Silent Cinema at the Bo'ness Hippodrome.


About GIS

Geographic Information Systems (Science) is concerned in the location aspects of data.

Data can be about things or people and how they relate. GIS may result in the creation of maps to enable people to find things that interest them or it may be a tool to analyse data to gain knowledge about a particular phenomenon.

Examples might include:- where should a new school be built, what should the catchment areas be. What location will be suitable for housing: is the land a flood plain; was there pollution creating source on the site in the past; which ground is most suitable for building on.

Why Parthian?

Parthian Archer

A Parthian Archer in the process of firing a 'Parthian Shot' later evolving into the phrase 'Parting Shot'. Parthian horse archers were famed for their ability to fire directly behind them. A tactic often used when feigning retreat thus inducing their enemies to break ranks and charge. The lowered shield wall made them more vulnerable to arrows.

Other famous Parting Shots include - "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".


Please refer to my LinkedIn profile in a handy PDF format.



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