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Town Explorer Map Prototype

A prototype map application I created to explore the technologies available using online mapping such as Bing and Google Maps. So much to see and do in your local community. If only people knew... What, Where, When.


I can see how this could be central to a Campaign.

Town Centre Manager

I didn't think the Internet could do this!

Software Engineer at Indigovision

Tags:- PHP,Prototype,GIS,Javascript,Virtual Earth,Google Maps

Town Explorer online Map Demonstrator.

Problem: What, Where, When, How to get there.

A Map Application showing lots of different approaches to showing information on the web.

Solution: Virtual Earth API and Human Created Data

A Map showing my local town with many of the local tourist attractions, walks, shops, transport links etc.

The system has many features including a simple version of Google Streetview like functionality I created to help people find their way around woodlands. Other features include,


Outcome: Demonstrator only. Real solutions would use a fraction of this complexity.

An Epic solution but useful to stimulate discussion allowing potential Parthian Systems customers to see what I can do and what can be done using mapping on the web.